March 4 Trump Outside The “Southern White House”

I went with some friends down to West Palm Beach to photograph the March 4 Trump just outside Mar-a-lago, which is where Trump has been spending most of his weekends. I would highly suggest reading this piece on It’s Going Down for a good overview of the event and the tense days prior. I expect to be in Palm Beach County much more often as time goes on.

The pro and anti-Trump protestors started off on seperate side of Southern Blvd, just outside Mar-a-Lago. When the anti-Trump group crossed the street a man pushed one of the people holding a large banner. They immediately turned and screamed at the person that pushed them. Moments after he struck someone in the face. They declined to press charges when the police confronted them. Later I found the same man sitting on his Trump Mobile.

The woman on the right shoved this anti-Trump protestor as they were crossing the street and then acted like she didn’t do anything when the police came to break it up. The Trump supporters seemed to feel above the law. There was no violence by the other side. By the way, her sash says “Trumpettes”

The rest of my photos are below

The Day Job

Shortly after my house was destroyed I realized I had to find a day job. Within a week I found a job making YouTube videos for a truck and Jeep parts online retailer. It’s been one of the best learning experiences of my life! In less than 10 months I have more than doubled our subscribers, tripled our daily watch time and become a YouTube pro all while becoming more skilled at video production.

This is the video that’s received the most views. 

Twin Peaks - TV Show? Mountains?? Band???

Look, I don’t know every band that I shoot. I hear a lot of names, I see a lot of hype, I shoot what feels right. Twin Peaks was one of those bands. Although Kanye was in town for the Saint Pablo Tour the same day, I couldn’t afford to go and Creative Loafing had another photographer assigned to that show (can’t expect to shoot everything by the third shoot, right?) This show made up for it and I had a great time and got some great photos. 

Also, my really good friends in Poster opened the show. You should listen to them on Bandcamp, they have a new album out soon.

Here’s the Creative Loafing page for the show and photos.

I did learn one very important lesson, though. Don’t assume you’ve shot everything there is to shoot. I stayed for at least 45 minutes of their set and headed home to get them done ASAP. Turns out for the last song the band told everyone to come up on the stage and I missed what would have been some amazing photos. I’m always learning and striving to improve.

Show date: 9/14/16


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